Mari M lingerie has always valued ethics in the production of her pieces.
It has its own factory, where 99% of the workforce is
women, this allows absolute control of all
Production processes. In 2021 the brand started a beautiful partnership with
I'm from Cotton!

What is the I Am Cotton movement?
“I am from Cotton, a unique movement in Brazil that was born in 2016 to
awaken a collective consciousness around fashion and consumption
responsible. For this, we unite in one voice all the agents in the chain
production and textile industry of this fiber, from the rural man to the
the end consumer, passing through weavers, artisans, spinners, designers of
fashion, stylists and students! It's a lot of fiber people behind a single
cotton garment!

That cotton is natural, comfortable, light, tropical and represents what is
better in our Brazilianness, everyone already knows. But does not stop there,
today, Brazil is the world's largest supplier of sustainable cotton. And that
means that our initiative contributes to a product journey
environmentally correct, socially just and economically responsible.
When you choose cotton, you value the origin of your clothes and
helps maintain this system that fully supplies the market
internally, brings significant numbers that collaborate with the economy
national, it generates jobs and is good for everyone!”